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Robert s Rules of Order, 11th Edition

Suggestions for Inexperienced Presiding Officers
Page 454, line 3 – Page 457, line 6


The chair should have a copy of the DNC Charter and Bylaws, IDP Constitution, IDP Bylaws, and Robert’s Rules of Order, 11th Edition, and be more familiar with those documents than anyone else on the committee.

Page 176, lines 4-6

Direct Quote:

The anomalous title “co-chairman” should be avoided, as it causes impossible dilemmas in attempts to share the functions of a single position.

DNC Charter, Page 8, ARTICLE NINE, Section 14.

In the absence of other provisions, Robert’s Rules of Order (as most recently revised) shall govern the conduct of all Democratic Party meetings.

PDF Abbreviated Version of Roberts Rules

  1. The length of the Platform is 3,000 words for the Statement of Issues and 500 words for the Statement of Principles.

  2. The committee has voted to seat any alternates who attend any of our meetings.

  3. Members and alternates to the platform committee are not required to be delegates or alternates to the State Convention.

  4. Any persons in attendance who are neither Members nor Alternates are, for our purposes, considered to be observers of the process.  Observers are welcome and encouraged but shall not vote or make motions before this Committee.

The Co-Chairs are Mark Olberding and Holly Herbert.  Holly Herbert is running for Chair of the Progressive Caucus at the State Convention and will not represent this committee on the State Central Committee.  Mark Olberding will represent this committee on the State Central Committee.

Nieel Aditya Shinde is the Vice Chair.

David McFarland is the Parliamentarian.

Carl Olsen is the Secretary.

Assistant Secretaries are Mary Burke and Rhonda Fowler.

Rhonda Fowler is the Time Keeper.

To expedite the process, we shall utilize these few rules during all periods of Debate and/or Discussion.  This is a modified version of Robert’s Rules of Order, which allows us to work in a more efficient manner and still remain fair to everyone involved.  If the need arises, we will consult Robert’s Rules of Order should we need to resolve any conflicting information.

  1. Debate/Discussion is done only when a Section of the Proposed Platform is held out for these purposes.  A line or entire section of the Platform is accepted as written to the Proposed Platform if it is not held out for Debate/Discussion because it has gained the approval of the Committee-of-the-Whole.  And thus, we move on.

  2. Any changes to the Proposed Platform is submitted in the form of a Motion.  In order for any discussion to occur, there must be a Motion and a Second to the Motion.  A Motion fails immediately if there is not a Second to the Motion.  A Motion that fails to have a Second does not earn the privilege of being discussed.  And thus, we move on.

  3. Debate/Discussion commences following a Motion and a Second on any given matter before the Committee-of-the-Whole.  For our purposes, we will allow for a maximum of 3 statements in favor ("Pro”) of any matter and 3 statements against ("Con") any matter.  No one will be called on twice regarding the same matter.  Debate/Discussion may end with fewer than 3 statements made if no else speaks regarding the matter.

  4. Voting: Immediately following the end of any Debate/Discussion, the vote on the matter is called for.  Since a call to Extend Debate is actually a motion to Suspend the Stated Rules (once approved by this Committee), the request to Extend Debate/Discussion shall require the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present.  If the two-thirds vote is not successful, Debate/Discussion on the matter stops and the vote is called for.  All votes shall require a majority (that is, 50% + at least 1 additional vote) in order to Pass (or Win).  A vote that does not gain a majority or a vote that results in a tie fails by this same rule.  Re-votes will not be taken.  (Note: exceptional situations may arise that require us to revisit certain topics in the organization of the Platform due word counts or logical structuring, etc.  These conditions are not the same as casting a re-vote.  Example: Automatic deletion of a duplicated line or section is not a re-vote; it is an attempt at reducing redundancies in the Platform).

  5. Time: A speaker is permitted 1 minute to speak.  Time is called if any speaker exceeds 1 minute in duration.  Time will not be extended for any speaker and speakers cannot yield their time to anyone else.  Making one’s point in less than one minute is highly encouraged because the total time we have to complete our work is relatively short.

  6. Courtesy: All comments are directed to the Chairperson of the Platform Committee (or that person’s assigned designee).  Rude comments to or about other members or guests present will not be tolerated.  Once a speaker has been acknowledged by the Chairperson, that person has the Floor.  Anyone speaking without permission will be asked to stop their activity.


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