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We are proud of our Democratic Party as the party of our nation’s heritage, accomplishments, and diversities.  No part of that heritage is more valuable than our belief in the inclusion of ALL and commitment to ALL, with recognition of the rights and worth of each human being.

We, the People of the Democratic Party of Iowa, affirm the following:

[We affirm the Democratic Party’s contributions to our nation’s heritage, accomplishments, and diversity. We recognize and advocate for the rights and worth of every human being. We strive to secure, defend, and preserve basic constitutional and civil rights.]

We support a strong separation of church and state as envisioned by our founding fathers and incorporated in the constitution of the United States.

We supported our military and veterans in war and peace.

We support them now and honor their service.

We supported the right of all human beings to be treated fairly and equally under the laws of this nation.  We stand as the party for all human beings.

We condemn all forms of discrimination.  Whenever the rights of any citizens are threatened, the rights of all are endangered.  We take seriously the obligation to preserve, protect, and secure basic constitutional and civil rights.

We supported the working people of this country when they were exploited.  We support them now for their right to organize, to achieve decent wages with health and retirement benefits and a safe workplace.

We supported families in their pursuit of well-being.

We support them now in their desire to become healthy, educated, and contributing citizens.

We support the freedom to plan their family.

We supported the elderly when they were forgotten.

We support them now in their need for dignity, income and healthcare security.

We supported independent farmers and small businesses when they faced hard times.

We support them now in their pursuit of prosperity and economic security.

We supported parents, students, and educators to make education a top priority.

We support them now in their quest to achieve high standards.  We support free and open access to knowledge and information.  We oppose attempts to distort science or health education.

We supported the people of the earth in working for a clean environment.

We support them now to achieve a responsible, prosperous and sustainable existence with nature.

We supported people all over the world demanding freedom, justice, and opportunity.

We support them now, applauding their peaceful progress.

We believe that our foreign policy should be one of genuine cooperation in global solutions for international problems.  We endorse efforts to defend the equality of rights for all human beings.

We support an individual's right to privacy and adequate legal representation.  We look forward to the day when all borders are open to the free exchange of ideas, people, and goods.

We recognize that we will not get everything we want.  Compromise is necessary when important values conflict and priorities of different people are not the same.  But we will not be bullied into caving on vital issues.

We believe in and will continue to work for a truly representative government that works for the good of ALL human beings in a compassionate, responsible and progressive way that works to achieve peace, prosperity, and a national outlook of confidence and hope.

Iowa Democratic Party

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