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We support:

  1. involving community/ parents/educators/students in educational problem solving/decision-making
  2. minimum 6% SSA for PreK-12 education
  3. restoring independent allowable growth formula to determine public school funding
  4. providing educational tools/ resources for students needing additional assistance, including online classes and other technology
  5. PreK-12 public education for students until age 21
  6. post-secondary programs tuition-/debt-free for at least 4 years, including:
    1. vocational programs
    2. regent state universities
    3. community colleges
  7. dyslexia screening for children in PreK-12 schools/IJJS
  8. state mandates requiring all public schools include instruction in physical/mental health and sex positive/comprehensive/research-based sexual/health programs (including LGBTQIA+, non-binary)
  9. training for all literacy skills
  10. expansion of full-day kindergarten and universal preschool
  11. full funding for:
    1. fine/applied arts
    2. ELL/ESL programs
    3. career/vocational education
    4. literacy education
    5. STEM
    6. civic education
    7. personal financial literacy
  12. all public PreK-12/higher-education, non-administrative, salaries/benefits/pensions above national average
  13. funding IDEA at 40% level
  14. ADA compliance of all school facilities
  15. restoring funds to AEAs
  16. TLC program
  17. driver’s education and foreign language programs provided by local public school districts
  18. maintaining the highest standards for teacher certification
  19. ECE (public preschool/Head Start services)
  20. meeting Head Start or NAEYC performance standards
  21. placement of special education student to be directly tied to determining class size and staffing need
  22. restoring, increasing funding to regent universities and community colleges
  23. living wages, benefit parity, unemployment benefit eligibility, and ongoing training for ESPs
  24. increasing statewide minimum dropout age to 18
  25. student-loan forgiveness
  26. bankruptcy protections for borrowers
  27. 100% tax-deductible interest on post-secondary loans
  28. mental health professionals in all schools
  29. reduction of class size
  30. requiring credentialed supervision for home-schooled students
  31. expanding access to public school alternative programs
  32. radon testing for school buildings
  33. modernizing the Fair Funding Formulas for rural schools
  34. an option for a guaranteed rate of return for funds in 529 savings plans
  35. District Voluntary Diversity Plans
  36. eliminating racial disparities in discipline policies
  37. increased tax credits for teaching materials educators purchase
  38. strongly regulating accreditation, credit transferability and disclosure of costs for all for-profit schools
  39. funding all TRIO programs
  40. party balance of the Iowa Board of Regents
  41. NEA, NEH, NSF, CPB

We oppose:

  1. using tax dollars to fund PK-12 private schools through methods including:
    1. vouchers
    2. Education Savings Accounts
    3. charter school pre-tax plans
  2. merit pay
  3. religious bias in publicly-funded education
  4. arming school employees


AEA – Area Education Agency
CPB – Corporation for Public Broadcasting
ECE – Early Childhood Education
ELL – English Language Learners
ESL – English as a Second Language
ESP – Education Support Professional
IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IJJS - Iowa Juvenile Justice System
LGBTQIA+ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Agender, and Community
NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children
NEA – National Endowment for the Arts
NEH – National Endowment for the Humanities
NSF – National Science Foundation
SSA – Supplemental State Aid to education
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
TLC – Teacher Leadership and Compensation System
TRIO – Educational Talent Search (ETS), Classic Upward Bound (CUB), Veterans Upward Bound (VUB), Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS), Student Support Services (SSS), Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC), Training Grant (for Special Programs Staff and Leadership Personnel (TR)

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