Platform Documents



Labor, Wages, Worker's Rights, and Safety

We support:
  1. "Fair Share"
  2. EFCA
  3. reducing inequity between executive and worker compensation
  4. improving unemployment insurance benefits
  5. worker's right to choose providers for workplace injuries
  6. reopening Iowa Workforce Offices
  7. expanding Davis-Bacon to include all publicly funded projects
  8. repeal "Right-to-work"
  9. banning hiring replacement workers for laid-off/striking Union workers
  10. "Equal Pay/Equal Work"
  11. protecting public employees' rights by maintaining Chapter 20 in its current form
  12. paid family leave
  13. workplace lactation rooms
  14. union apprenticeship/membership
  15. ENDA
  16. Right of workers to strike while maintaining essential services
  17. all employees eligible for employer benefits
  19. expanding FMLA/covering all employees
  20. public sector open scope-of-bargaining
  21. EEOC Green Factors
  22. expanding workers' rights
  23. UPC
  24. unemployment benefit eligibility for all education support professionals—including adjunct professors
  25. constructing/maintaining power plants by union workers only
  27. Temporary employees working 90 days becoming permanent employees
  28. replacing minimum wage with "living wage" of at least $15 per hour, annualized to CPI
  29. paying tipped workers minimum wage
  30. criminal/civil penalties for violating labor contracts/arbitration agreements
  31. SEIU efforts to organize fast food workers
  32. the Paycheck Fairness Act
We oppose:
  1. mandating overtime/limiting overtime pay
  2. employment-at-will
  3. employer, insurance screening based on personal credit, polygraph, genetic information
  4. job misclassification
  5. employer wage theft
  6. employer-issued debit cards
  7. privatizing public-sector jobs

Pension and Insurance

We support:
  1. actuarially fully funded IPERS/MFPRS for long-term financing
  2. creating hybrid COLA to replace depleted FED in IPERS
  3. public employees' statewide health insurance program
  4. pension portability
  5. protecting workers' pensions/healthcare benefits
  6. maintaining door-to-door, six-day postal delivery
  7. 2013 Postal Delivery Standards
We oppose:
  1. privatizing "Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation" fund

Economic Development

We support:
  1. public infrastructure spending
  2. incentives creating/retaining/returning jobs to US
  3. AERLP
  4. increasing public transportation including rail
  5. supporting/developing small businesses
  6. investment in poverty-stricken areas
  7. accountability for all public funds provided to/disbursed by corporations
We oppose:
  1. American businesses shifting assets out of the country, reducing American jobs
  2. systematic use of no bid contracts

Budget and Taxation

We support:
  1. more progressive tax structure, taxing all income as earned income
  2. eliminating social security taxable wage cap
  3. applying social security taxes to all forms of income
  4. taxing high-frequency trading
  5. taxing large employers whose employees are eligible for public assistance
  6. annual DOD audits by CBO
  7. increasing/expanding EIC
  8. combined corporate reporting for tax purposes
We oppose:
  1. "Corporate welfare"
  2. tax breaks for companies outsourcing US jobs
  3. off-shore tax shelters by US individuals, corporations, foreign subsidiaries

Commerce and Trade

We support:
  1. equitable trade agreements assuring full transparency, protecting workers' rights/environment
  2. governmental entities purchasing US union-made products
  3. US manufacturing military components
  4. anti-trust restrictions on media consolidation
We oppose:
  1. fast-tracking trade agreements
  3. gender pricing

Business Regulation

We support:
  1. regulating financial speculation
  2. "Too-big-to-fail" legislation
  3. 21st Century Glass-Steagall


We support:
  1. Net Neutrality
  2. internet designated a utility
  3. online privacy rights
  4. universal broadcast/broadband expansion/access
  5. immediate notification of PII compromise
We oppose:
  1. censoring internet
  2. NSA bulk data collection
  3. coercing telecommunication companies to release private data
  4. social networking identification/password as condition of employment
  5. cyberbullying

AERLP - Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program
CBO - Congressional Budget Office
COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
CPI - Consumer Price Index
DOD - Department of Defense
EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EFCA - Employee Free Choice Act
EIC - Earned Income Credit
ENDA - Employment Non-Discrimination Act
FED - Favorable Experience Dividend
FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act
IPERB - Iowa Public Employment Relations Board
IPERS - Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System
MFPRS - Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System
MSHA - Mine Safety Health Administration
NAFTA - North American Free Agreement Trade
NLRB - National Labor Relations Board
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PII - Personal Identifying Information
TPP - Trans-Pacific Partnership
UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code
WTO - World Trade Organization

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