Platform Documents



General Health

We support:
  1. universal access to affordable healthcare
  2. single payer health care system
  3. ACA
  4. Death with Dignity Act
  5. rescheduling/expanding access to medical cannabis and whole plant medicine, with growth, production and dispensaries in Iowa
  6. subsidized non-emergency medical transportation
  7. prevention/treatment of chronic/acute disease
  8. stem-cell research
  9. workforce wellness programs
  10. telemedicine
  11. longitudinal studies on GMO effects
  12. FDA regulation of vitamins/supplements
  13. publicizing medical procedure costs
  14. person-centered/consumer-controlled care plans
  15. comprehensive diversity training for healthcare providers
  16. increased NIH and NSF funding
  17. sufficient, quality community-based services/other needed services
  18. caregiver respite services
  19. community integrated employment
  20. expanding Native American health services
  21. CCO addressing implications of human trafficking
  22. funding for research/treatment/prevention of the Zika virus
We oppose:
  1. denial/substandard care due to personal/religious bias by medical/pharmaceutical professionals
  2. casino exemptions to SAA
  3. prescription drug advertising

Mental Health and Addictions

We support:
  1. mental health parity/availability/affordability
  2. restoring/expanding MHIs
  3. funding tobacco/substance-abuse treatment/programs
  4. funding jail diversion programs
  5. effective treatment length
  6. mental health training/awareness for 911 responders
  7. sufficient funding for CMHCs
  8. suicide awareness/prevention programs

Children and Families

We support:
  1. increasing inspections of childcare centers
  2. fully funded services for:
    1. child welfare systems
    2. child and maternal health programs
    3. programs that prevent child abuse/neglect
    4. IME services to the annual CDRT
    5. high quality, subsidized childcare
    6. prenatal and early childhood programs
    7. family support programs
    8. youth homeless shelters
    9. children's mental health system
  3. mandatory NCARs
  4. WIC expansion
  5. background checks for childcare workers
  6. gender-neutral guardianship policies
  7. kinship-care/foster-care parity
  8. funding for foster children through age 26
We oppose:
  1. conversion therapy
  2. non-medical exemptions to immunizations
  3. surgical gender-assignments at birth
  4. failure to medically/mentally treat children for religious reasons

Adults, Aging and Disability

We support:
  1. rigorous, timely state inspection of:
    1. SNF
    2. ALF
    3. MIMR facilities
  2. healthcare staffing based on acuity/care-levels
  3. protecting LGBTQ elders against discrimination
  4. increased funding for independent living
  5. increased funding for:
    1. OAA/LTCOP
    2. dementia research while expanding diagnosis/care
    3. elder-abuse prevention
    4. AAA
  6. consumer representation on HHS review boards
  7. strengthening ADA

Reproductive Rights

We support:
  1. rights of women to make their own reproductive choices
  2. Planned Parenthood funding
  3. student access to barrier-based contraceptives in public-schools
  4. Roe vs. Wade
  5. contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, abortion access for minors without parental notification with follow-up counseling
  6. funding HIV/STD testing
We oppose:
  1. interference limiting access to reproductive health facilities
  2. prerequisite waiting periods for abortions
  3. restricting access to medically necessary abortions
  4. requiring physician-admitting privileges for abortion providers

Reimbursement and Coverage

We support:
  1. sufficient long-term funding for Medicare/Medicaid
  2. regulating healthcare/prescription drug costs
  3. expanding Medicare/Medicaid to include LTC
  4. increasing Medicare/Medicaid/ACA reimbursement to providers/states
  5. re-importation of FDA approved drugs
  6. Medicare/Medicaid negotiation for lower drug prices
  7. Medicare/Medicaid coverage of prescribed hearing aids
  8. protecting retirees' negotiated health insurance
  9. permanent, enforceable oversight committee for MMCP
  10. incontinence/feminine hygiene products as medically-necessary/tax-exempt
  11. insurance coverage/parity for:
    1. contraceptives/abortions
    2. transgender-related healthcare
    3. alternative/complementary medicine
    4. compound/natural medications
  12. COLA for Medicare, disability benefits
  13. reimbursement rates for providers equal to UCR
  14. affordable LTC insurance with no hospital stay requirements
  15. establishing EMS as an essential service
  16. caregiver tax credits
We oppose:
  1. privatization of Medicare/Medicaid
  2. reimbursements/discounts/kickbacks for PBCs

Housing and Homelessness

We support:
  1. safe, decent affordable housing for all
  2. expanding HUD to include Sec. 8, 42 programs
  3. funding domestic violence shelters/relocation
  4. family-friendly "wet" and "dry" shelters
  5. mixed-income zoning
  6. funding transitional programs
  7. increase funding for job/life training

Veteran's Health

We support:
  1. free healthcare for all Veterans
  2. expedited VA services for health/disability treatment
  3. additional VA outreach centers and mobile units
  4. full entitlement of medical benefits to National Guard, Coast Guard, Reservists, including activated/training injuries
  5. expanding injured Veterans grant program
  6. raising Veteran benefits, eliminating backlogs
  7. medical care at VA and local facilities
  8. official recognition for all Veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and other toxic substances, regardless of recruitment date
  9. covered care including:
    1. mental health/family counseling
    2. substance abuse
    3. suicide prevention
    4. non-traditional therapies
    5. transportation to/from approved non-VA appointments including discharge
    6. prosthetics

AAA - Area Agencies on Aging
ACA – Affordable Care Act
ALF - Assisted-Living Facilities
CCO - Comprehensive Care Option
CDRT – Child Death Review Team
CMHC - Community Mental Health Centers
COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
EMS- Emergency Medical Services
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
GMO - Genetically Modified Organism
HHS – Health and Human Services
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HUD - Housing and Urban Development
IME – Iowa Medical Examiners
LGBTQ – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning/Queer
LTC - Long-Term Care
LTCOP - Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
MHI - Mental Health Institutions
MIMR - Mental Illness Mental Retardation
MMCP - Medicaid Managed Care Program
NCAR - National Child Abuse Registries
NIH - National Institutes of Health
NSF - National Science Foundation
OAA - Older Americans Act
PBC - Pharmacy Benefit Consultants
SAA – Smokefree Air Act
SNF - Skilled Nursing Facilities
STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease
UCR - Usual and Customary Rates
VA - Veterans Administration
WIC - Women, Infants, and Children

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