Platform Documents



Campaigns, Elections, and American Institutions

We support:
  1. timely Supreme Court nomination hearings
  2. voter-marked paper ballots
  3. 5-year ban on paid/compensated lobbying for former congressional employees/officials
  4. mandatory random election audits
  5. automatic/same-day voter registration
  6. national elections/caucuses as paid holidays
  7. publicly-financed elections
  9. internet posted lobbying contacts
  10. reinstating Fairness Doctrine
  11. recall mechanisms
  12. voting rights for felons
  13. Iowa's redistricting system used nationwide
  14. absentee/early voting
  15. limiting and requiring public disclosure of contributions to campaigns/PACs
  16. open-source voting machine software
  17. neighborhood-based voting
  18. Iowa's first-in-the-nation status
  19. *[deleted at convention]*
  20. holding school board/municipal bond/other elections on the same day
We oppose:
  1. voter photo IDs
  2. Citizens United
  3. establishing English as official language
  4. superdelegates
  5. voter suppression
  6. gerrymandering

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

We support:
  1. non-discrimination for LGBTQQIA+, disability, political, and religious/nonreligious affiliation
  2. enforcing separation of church and state including returning the National Motto to "E Pluribus Unum"
  3. enforcing CRA/ADA
  4. federal/Iowa ERA
  5. habeas corpus rights
  6. removing gender/sex from government forms including voter registration
  7. removing gender/sex from state IDs/licenses
  8. de-escalation policies, bias training for law enforcement
  9. community policing
  10. DOJ investigation of deaths in police custody
  11. BLM movement
  12. Affirmative Action
  13. hate crime legislation including gender identity
  14. renaming Columbus Day to First Nations Day
  15. marriage equality
  16. non-discriminatory adoption rights
  17. "Move to Amend"
  18. the right of Puerto Rico to declare bankruptcy
  19. DC statehood
  20. the Nordic Model
We oppose:
  1. constitutional amendments restricting marriage
  2. national ID cards
  3. warrantless searches, electronic/drone surveillance, traffic cameras
  4. mass incarceration, mandatory sentencing
  5. private prisons
  6. religious exemptions to LGBTQQIA+ anti-discrimination laws
  7. corporate personhood

Military and Veterans' Affairs

We support:
  1. expediting hiring of qualified candidates for VA positions
  2. investigation/prosecution of sexual assault/harassment cases in US civilian courts
  3. VOW
  4. recognizing contributions and wartime efforts by all military branches
  5. programs to reestablish veterans back into communities, eliminate homelessness
  6. adequate family assistance for reservists during extended active duty
  7. living wage for active personnel
  8. raising Iowa's Veterans' benefits, education resources
  9. equitable benefits for reserve/guard military members
  10. fully funding/escrowing military actions, including legacy costs
  11. veteran business start-ups
  12. bonus programs for military personnel
  13. expanding USERRA
We oppose:
  1. FISA
  2. budget cuts impacting VA's ability to operate
  3. distribution of military combat equipment to law enforcement or any other public entity
  4. indefinite detention provisions in NDAA/military commissions
  5. mercenaries/PMCs
  6. USA Freedom Act


We support:
  1. Complete Streets
  2. crash prevention engineering
We oppose:
  1. privatization of FAA

Taxes and Social Security

We support:
  1. a COLA minimum for SS recipients of 1%
  3. reforming TIF
We oppose:
  1. privatization/profitization of government services
  2. regressive taxation
  3. chained CPI
  4. raising retirement age, cutting SS benefits
  5. taxation of unemployment, workers' compensation, disability/SS benefits

Gun Safety

We support:
  1. President Obama's executive orders on gun control
  2. universal background checks
  3. requiring registration, licensing, education/testing and liability insurance
  4. banning assault weapons
  5. gun-free zones
  6. closing "gun show loopholes"
  7. right to prohibit firearms on one's property
  8. temporary confiscation of firearms from individuals under DANCOs
  9. guardians' accountability for minors' inappropriate gun access
  10. nationwide database of gun ownership
  11. hand gun regulation
We oppose:
  1. "Stand your ground"
  2. open carry


We support:
  1. comprehensive immigration reform with reasonable citizenship pathways
  2. State/federal DREAM Act and DAPA/DACA/TVDL/UAFA
  3. basic human/civil rights for immigrants
  4. undocumented immigrants paying taxes/receiving benefits without fearing deportation
  5. resolving visa applicant backlogs
  6. judicial review for visa denial/removal
  7. classifying unaccompanied minors as refugees
  8. expedite legal entry process
  9. due process, employment/labor rights regardless of citizenship status
  10. free legal representation in immigration courts for indigents
  11. attorney appointments for immigrant minors
  12. moratorium on detentions/deportations, except for violent felony convictions
We oppose:
  1. detention of undocumented immigrant minors
  2. immigrant detention/deportation quotas
  3. local enforcement of federal immigration laws

Government Services

We support:
  1. aggressively prosecuting government officials for quid pro quo activity
  2. postal/public banking services
  3. full access to all public records
  4. substantive funding for:
    1. infrastructure and services
    2. state court system
    3. Legal Services/public defenders
    4. ICRC
    5. CDC gun violence studies/NICS
  5. fair, independent, merit-based judiciary
  6. creation of a cabinet level Department of Peace and Conflict Resolution
We oppose:
  1. solitary confinement
  2. juvenile life sentences
  3. judicial elections

Criminal Justice

We support:
  1. expanding statutes of limitations for child abuse/assault, including sexual
  2. classifying attacks on family-planning clinics as domestic terrorism
  3. minimum wage for all employed prisoners
  4. treating addiction as health issue
  5. reducing/commuting sentences, pardoning nonviolent drug offenders
  6. expanded use of drug courts, diversion programs
  7. reforming civil forfeiture laws
  8. legalizing cannabis/hemp
  9. legalizing all drugs
  10. vigorous enforcement/expansion of Whistleblower's Act
  11. body cameras for law enforcement
  12. eliminating human trafficking
  13. de-escalation over use of force
  14. civilian review boards
  15. reducing bail requirements, improving jail conditions
  16. prosecuting white-collar crime
  17. restorative justice
  18. process to seal/expunge criminal records
  19. applying state/federal Supreme Court rulings retroactively to incarcerated defendants
We oppose:
  1. racial disparity in criminal justice system
  2. capital punishment
  3. mandatory minimum sentencing
  4. religious/ethnic/racial profiling
  5. charging defendants for court-appointed attorneys, probation, community service, jail rent
  6. discriminatory housing policies toward ex-offenders

Consumer Protection

We support:
  1. strengthening/expanding/vigorously enforcing corporate anti-trust laws
  2. strengthening laws protecting consumers from predatory lenders and abusive debt-collection
  3. corporate malfeasance penalties that exceed benefits from malfeasance
  4. enforcement and strengthening of Dodd-Frank Act
  5. foreclosure safety net
  6. 36% APR cap on "payday loans"
  7. insider trading laws covering government employees
We oppose:
  1. excessive collection/retention of personal data by government/private business
  2. collection/use of personal data without express consent

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
BLM - Black Lives Matter
CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention
COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
CPI - Consumer Price Index
CRA - Civil Rights Act of 1964
DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
DANCO - Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders
DAPA - Deferred Action for Parents of Americans
DREAM - Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors
ENDA - Employment Non-Discrimination Act
ERA - Equal Rights Amendment
FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act
FICO scores - Fair, Isaac, and Company scores (credit scores)
FISA - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
FVPSA - Family Violence Prevention and Services Act
FTC - Federal Trade Commission
ICFA - Iowa Consumer Fraud Act
ICRC - Iowa Civil Rights Commission
IPERS - Iowa Public Employees Retirement System
IRV - Instant Runoff Voting
LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LGBTQQIA+ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual,
Arromantic, and others
NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act
NICS - National Instant Criminal Background Check System
NSA - National Security Administration
OCE - Office of Congressional Ethics
PII - Personally Identifiable Information
PMC - Private Military Company
RFMA - Respect for Marriage Act
RVRA - Restoring Voting Rights Act
SCIA - Stop Corporate Inversions Act
SLTF - Senior Living Trust Fund
SS - Social Security
SSN - Social Security number
STO - School Tuition Organization
TEA - Taxpayer Empowerment Agenda
TIF - Tax Incremented Financing
TVDL - Temporary Visitor's Driver's License
UAFA - Uniting American Families Act
USERRA - Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
USPS - United States Postal Service
VA - Department of Veterans' Affairs
VAWA - Violence Against Women Act
VOCA - Victims of Crime Act
VOW - Veterans Opportunity to Work

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