Platform Documents




We support:
  1. investing resources in underperforming public schools
  2. multiple measures determined by educators for assessing: student/teacher/administrator/school performance
We oppose:
  1. fast-track certification for: teachers/administrators
  2. merit pay

Education Funding from State

We support:
  1. fair funding formulas for rural districts
  2. legislature establishing PreK-12 funding within the first month of a legislative year or default to an automatic 4% annual increase two years in advance
  3. minimum 4% annual SSA for schools/AEAs/community colleges

State Education Policy

We support:
  1. enforcing Title IX
  2. extending SAVE permanently
  3. Iowa DE accreditation for instructors/curriculum/assessment/pupil attendance reporting for on-line/private/home-school/for-profit instruction
  4. local control of school districts
  5. state School Board and DE authority to change Iowa Core
  6. strong policy support for teacher unions
We oppose:
  1. allowing all school board members replacement at once
  2. diverting public monies to for-profit educational businesses/home schooling
  3. voucher systems/K-12 private school tuition tax credits

Funding PreK-12 Fully

We support:
  1. academic integration of technology
  2. before/after school programs
  3. drivers education
  4. ELL/ESL
  5. fine/applied arts
  6. foreign languages
  7. free, healthy meals for all students
  8. high-quality, tuition-free public education
  9. living wages/benefit parity for ESP
  10. music
  11. prisons/juvenile detention education (including re-integration) programs
  12. proactive approach to suspensions, expulsions, recorded referrals using community trained volunteer mediators, student mediators, restorative justice, peace circles
  13. remedial reading
  14. SPED/teacher training
  15. summer school
  16. TAG
  17. tutoring
  18. diversity/multicultural training/resources (staff/teachers/administrators)

Funding PreK-12 Increase

We support:
  1. energy efficiency improvements
  2. TRIO Programs
  3. competitive compensation for educators in public schools/colleges/universities

PreK-12 Optimal Learning Environment

We support:
  1. collaborative community/parent/teacher/administrator decision-making
  2. eliminating de-facto public schools segregation
  3. eliminating racial disparities in discipline policies/suspensions/referrals that create "school-to-prison-pipeline"
  4. full access to licensed nurses/counselors/teacher librarians/media specialists/social workers/psychologists
  5. implementing conflict resolution/anger management/civil discourse skills/coping skills training for at-risk behavior
  6. incentivizing diversity in teacher/administrator hiring/recruitment
  7. Iowa Safe-Schools initiative, including anti-bullying education
  8. reduced class size, including budget weighting
  9. reducing dropout rates; increasing age to 18

PreK-12 Publie School Programming

We support:
  1. age-appropriate financial planning instruction
  2. civics education
  3. comprehensive, evidence-based health/sex education presented by qualified personnel
  4. human rights education
  5. integration of critical thinking across all curriculum
  6. research-based instruction
  7. STEAM
  8. teacher/staff/administrator diversity/multi-cultural competency training and teaching resources
  9. vocational programs/apprenticeships/dual credit classes
  10. correction of Native American history
We oppose:
  1. religious bias/discrimination
  2. retention of non-proficient 3rd graders

Post-Secondary Education

We support:
  1. Pell grants for inmates
  2. proportionate compensation for adjunct educators
  3. rape/sexual assault zero-tolerance policy
  4. regulating accreditation/credit transferability/financial disclosure of for-profit schools
  5. tuition-free state colleges/universities (equivalent support to students at nonprofits)
We oppose:
  1. enrollment-based funding of regent institutions
  2. manipulating party balance of Iowa Board of Regents

Post-Secondary Loans

We support:
  1. 100% tax deductible interest
  2. retroactive consumer protection practices (e.g. bankruptcy/wage garnishment/death forgiveness/3% interest cap)
  3. separate marital status for repayment plans

AEA - Area Education Agency
DE - Department of Education
ELL - English Language Learners
ESL - English as a Second Language
ESP - Education Support Professionals
SAVE - Secure an Advanced Vision for Education
SPED - Special Education
SSA - Iowa legislature: Supplemental State Aid to education
STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
TAG - Talented and Gifted
TRIO - Educational Talent Search (ETS), Classic Upward Bound (CUB), Veterans Upward Bound (VUB), Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS), Student Support Services (SSS), Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC), Training Grant (for Special Programs Staff and Leadership Personnel (TR), and the Dr. Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair).

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