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Agriculture for Productive Living and a Healthy Food Supply

We support:
  1. traditional family farms
  2. sustainable organic farming
  3. environmentally responsible farming practices
  4. crop/livestock diversification
  5. industrial hemp
  6. local food systems

Agricultural Policy

We support:
  1. assessing environmental clean-up to all polluters
  2. increasing SNAP benefits
  3. LFFAJ
  4. CRP/CSP
  5. lower insurance caps/subsidies
  6. CWA compliance for crop-insurance/subsidies
  7. anti-trust regulation of seed supply, food production, processing
  8. right-to-save seeds
  9. GMO safe seed use labeling
  10. non-GMO farmers' lawsuit protection from GMO patent holders
  11. biological, less water-soluble fertilizers
  12. public's right-to-know permit compliances/TRI
  13. accessible IDNR well data/testing including lead, arsenic, anhydrous ammonia
  14. investments in beginning, small farmers
We oppose:
  1. drug testing SNAP applicants
  2. vertical integration
  3. "Ag-Gag" laws
  4. subsidizing large agribusiness
  5. growing pharmaceutical GMOs in open fields

Food Supply and Safety

We support:
  1. strong standards/safety testing requirements for USDA organic labeling
  2. funding studies of agricultural chemicals' effects
  3. legal/enforceable definition/testing/regulation/research of GMOs
  4. clear food labeling of:
    1. GMOs
    2. gene-edited organisms
    3. irradiation
    4. hormones
    5. antibiotics
    6. additives
    7. origin
    8. agricultural chemicals
    9. imitations
    10. processing location

Livestock Management

We support:
  1. strict CAFO regulation:
    1. moratorium on construction/expansion until regulated as an environmental and health hazard
    2. locally controlled sitings
    3. taxing at commercial rates
    4. eliminating manure pit tax exemptions
    5. tax exemptions for methane digesters and bio-filters
    6. mandating/strengthening Master Matrix
    7. eliminating hormone/non-therapeutic antibiotic use
    8. increased inspections/better enforcement of EPA regulations
  2. veterinarians as mandatory reporters for animal abuse
We oppose:
  1. livestock odor nuisance protection
  2. puppy mills
  3. the Dark Act
  4. canine BSL

Energy: Combating Climate Change with Responsible Production and Use to Reverse Destabilization of our Ecosystem

We support:
  1. RES Requirements (100% by 2025)
  2. fossil fuel/nuclear power conversion to clean/renewable energy
  3. NREG
  4. increasing subsidies, tax credits for RE
  5. stronger AE facilities regulation
  6. moratoriums on re-licensing/constructing coal/NPP
  7. CPP
  8. development of alternative bio-fuels and eliminating the ethanol subsidy
  9. carbon tax reducing CO2 to 350ppm
  10. carbon retention sequestration
  11. IRPS/NM/FIT for REC and MU
  12. electric vehicle infrastructure/use
  13. higher CAFE standards
  14. expanded green public transportation programs
  15. regulating energy commodity speculation
  16. HE appliances/rebates
  17. divestment from fossil fuels
We oppose:
  1. fossil fuels/nuclear power subsidies
  2. all pipelines transporting oil
  3. fracking
  4. deep water and arctic oil drilling

Environment, Stewardship and Livability

We support:
  1. environmental protection/public health over corporate profit
  2. repeal 1872 Mining Law
  3. reduce/reuse/recycle plastics/electronics/batteries
  4. municipal composting/recycling, including curb service for multi-family/industrial sources
  5. expand beverage bottle bill
  6. banning plastic shot/lead shot/tackle/wheel weights
  7. strictly enforcing Iowa's drainage laws
  8. enforcing EPA-IDNR-ESA-CAA-CWA regulations
  9. enacting IEQA
  10. banning neonicotinoid pesticides
  11. reclaiming mercury and lead
  12. funding IWILL
  13. permanently protecting ANWR
  14. strictly regulating agricultural chemicals/drift
  15. eliminating non-biodegradable bags
  16. IDNR notification to well owners of all contaminants when IDNR condemns their well
We oppose:
  1. depositing coal ash and industrial waste in unlined/unmonitored fill sites
  2. corporate polluters' "grandfather" clauses
  3. discrimination by IDNR and USDA-NRCS in enforcement of IDL/CWA to build illegal drains, polluting aquifers/waterways
  4. mercury seals on water pumps
  5. clear-cutting/mining/over-grazing/fuel-drilling on public lands/eco-sensitive areas

Watershed Management

We support:
  1. returning waterways to healthy/swimmable/fishable conditions
  2. mandatory Nutrient Reduction Strategy
  3. creating numerical standards/database for runoff levels and funding enforcement
  4. publicly owned/affordable clean water
  5. incentives for implementing DNR's watershed management plan
  6. amending the CWA to include intermittent streams/aquifers/wetlands
  7. IDNR fertilizer management plans covered in RUSLE2 exams covering CAFO/anhydrous ammonia nitrogen fertilizers
  8. criteria added to RUSLE2 exams be minimum soil depth above tile/use only of legal drainage outlets/NHEL soils
We oppose:
  1. rainwater collection bans

Planning and Zoning

We support:
  1. "Smart Growth" planning
  2. requiring LEED/2015 IECC/ADA for public buildings
  3. minimum 6-inch top-soil replacement for new development
  4. notification to landowners/residents within 5 miles BEFORE permitting CAFO construction/expansion
  5. requiring county approval of fossil fuel pipelines
  6. county-level zoning/permitting
We oppose:
  1. subsidies for urban growth on farm/public lands
  2. eminent domain abuse
  3. annexation without binding votes of property owners
  4. building on flood plains

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
AE - Atomic Energy
ANWR - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
BSL - Breed Specific Legislation
CAA - Clean Air Act
CAFE - Corporate Automotive Fuel Economy
CPP - Clean Power Plan
CRP - Conservation Reserve Program
CSP - Conservation Stewardship Program
CWA - Clean Water Act
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
FIT - Feed-in-Tariffs
GMO - Genetically Modified Organism
HE - High Efficiency
IDL - Iowa's Drainage Laws
IDNR - Iowa Department of Natural Resources
IECC - International Energy Conservation Code
IEQA - Iowa Environmental Quality Act
IRPS - Renewable Portfolio Standards
IWILL - Iowa's Water and Land Legacy
LFFAJ - Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013 (S.679 and H.R.1414)
LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
MU - Municipal Utilities
NHEL - Not Highly Erodable Land
NM - Net Metering
NPP - Nuclear Power Plants
NREG - National Renewable Energy Grid
RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
REAP - Resource Enhancement and Protection
REC - Rural Electric Cooperatives
RES - Renewable Energy Standard
RUSLE2 - Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation Version 2
SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
TRI - Toxics Release Inventory/Chemical Use Report

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