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This subcommittee report is 246 words

  1. Chris Robinson, Chair
  2. Greg Jerrett, Assistant Chair
  3. Kassandra McDermott, Assistant Chair
  4. Deborah Fisch, Secretary
  5. Dexter Nash, Assistant Secretary

Second Version for the May 19 Meeting

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First Version for the May 12 Meeting

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We support:

  1. “Ban the Box” legislation
  2. expanding domestic violence laws to include dating relationships
  3. laws promoting victims’ rights/safety
  4. funding agencies that address/resolve discrimination
  5. independent collection/public availability of policing data, increasing transparency/ending racial profiling
  6. human rights of all incarcerated including voting rights
  7. reviewing legal processes perpetuating disproportionate incarceration of POC/mandatory training about implicit bias in the justice system
  8. human rights of immigrants including due process/family preservation/pathway to citizenship
  9. sanctuary cities
  10. universal access to physical/mental healthcare/housing/living income/potable water
  11. equal rights of LGBTQIA+ residents in all areas
  12. strengthening education about implicit racial bias
  13. laws/policies affirming dignity/rights of vulnerable populations including elderly/children/disabled
  14. laws/policies providing safe/respectful workplaces
  15. all-gender restrooms
  16. strengthening laws/policies assisting people with disabilities
  17. body cameras including audio for law enforcement and public access to recordings
  18. rights of students to safe educational environments
  19. reproductive rights
  20. privacy right
  21. U.S. following UDHR
  22. sovereign rights of indigenous people
  23. Protection of all genders’ rights from discrimination/harassment
  24. reparations for African-Americans/Native Americans
  25. expanding Affirmative Action
  26. establishing US Commission on Human Rights
  27. expanding gender options, including opt-out, on government forms
  28. SSRA
  29. Federal/Iowa ERA
  30. Universal Habeas Corpus
  31. adequate funding for Iowa Legal Aid and Services

We oppose:

  1. religious exemptions to LGBTQIA+ anti-discrimination laws
  2. weakening policies/laws assisting people with disabilities in accessibility/education/employment
  3. requiring local law enforcement performing immigration duties
  4. criminalization of addiction/drug use
  5. Voter disenfranchisement through voter suppression/Voter ID/gerrymandering/citizenship question on census
  6. Stand-Your-Ground Laws except Castle Doctrine
  7. weakening separation of church and state
  8. Insurance companies denying/limiting health coverage for any reason
  9. ageism
  10. drug testing for public assistance eligibility
  11. solitary confinement
  13. funding/staffing ICRC


SESTA/FOSTA - Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act/ Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act
ERA - Equal Rights Act
UDHR - Universal Declaration of Human Rights
SYGL - Stand-Your-Ground-Laws
SSRA - System Safety Risk Assessment
ICE - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross
POC - People of Color


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