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General Health

We support:

  1. comprehensive, universal, single-payer healthcare for all, including but not limited to:
    1. reproductive health
    2. acute/LTC/ALF, community-based services
    3. wellness/prevention programs
    4. addiction services
    5. evidenced-based holistic/functional medicine/services
    6. reimbursement rates for providers/caregivers equal to UCR
    7. all brain disorders/injuries
    8. affordable/no copay medications
    9. evidence-based Compound/Natural medications
    10. telemedicine
    11. training/supplying first responders using Narcan/Naloxone
    12. statewide EMS
    13. transgender healthcare
    14. medical/assistive-devices/vision/hearing/mental/dental
  2. medical end-of-life options
  3. rescheduling, expanding access to, medical cannabis
  4. state EHR exchanges
  5. healthcare staffing based on acuity/care-levels
  6. increased funding NIH/NSF

We oppose:

  1. privatizing Medicaid
  2. providing substandard/denying medical services due to religious/personal bias
  3. exemptions to ISAA
  4. Medicaid block grants
  5. restricting research on
    1. stem-cells
    2. gun violence
  6. waiting lists for HCBS waivers
  7. INCSL
  8. discrimination against LGBTQIA+

Adult, Aged, Abused People, and People with Disabilities

We support:

  1. accessibility/accommodations for all
  2. increasing inspections of troubled SNF/ALF/MIMR
  3. fully funding:
    1. OAA/LTCOP
    2. dementia research while expanding diagnosis/care
    3. elder-abuse prevention
    4. AAA
    5. full-spectrum continuing care, financial aid/legal assistance for abused persons
    6. VAWA
  4. national database for convicted abusers
  5. consumer representation on HHS review boards
  6. training/support/tax credits for at-home caregivers
  7. LTC coverage prior to hospitalization
  8. 911/EMS responder abuse-recognition education/training

Children and Families

We support:

  1. increasing inspections of childcare centers
  2. fully funding:
    1. child welfare systems
    2. child/maternal/prenatal health programs
    3. preventing child abuse/neglect/obesity
    4. BASP
    5. CSRA/DPPA
    6. high-quality, subsidized childcare
    7. FSP
    8. youth/homeless shelters
    9. children’s mental health system
    10. CHIP/HAWK-I
  3. mandatory NCARs
  4. SNAP/WIC expansion
  5. background checks for childcare workers
  6. gender-neutral parenting/custody/guardianship
  7. kinship-care/foster-care parity
  8. funding foster children through age 26
  9. strengthening/expanding ASFA, DHS/Ombudsman in foster care

We oppose:

  1. non-medical exemptions to immunizations
  2. sex-assignment surgeries at birth

Human Services

We support:

  1. transitional programs from shelters/prisons-into-care, treatment, permanent housing
  2. Medicaid for all autistic individuals
  3. contraceptives/abortion coverage
  4. maintaining/strengthening HUD, SS, Medicare/Medicaid, Public Transportation, disaster relief, safety-net programs
  5. child/dependent-adult protective services meeting all standards/minimal overtime
  6. funding/organizing IEMS for standardized statewide coverage
  7. GHS activities overseen by CDC
  8. research/prevention/treatment addressing opioid epidemic including Naloxone funding
  9. equitable health insurance premiums
  10. evidence-based medical cannabis education for medical providers
  11. effective FDA drug-approval
  12. vitamins/supplements labeling for side-effects/drug interactions

We oppose:

  1. limiting medical malpractice/negligence claims

Mental Health

We support:

  1. mental health parity/availability/affordability
  2. restoring/expanding MHIs
  3. funding:
    1. tobacco/substance-abuse treatment
    2. suicide awareness/prevention programs
  4. jail diversion programs/courts
  5. effective treatment length
  6. mental health training/awareness for 911/first responders
  7. sufficient funding for CMHCs
  8. funding for emergency committal beds/transportation

Reproductive Rights and Family Planning

We support:

  1. rights/choice of women/individuals to comprehensive reproductive healthcare
  2. Roe vs. Wade
  3. fully funding:
    1. comprehensive family planning programs/providers
    2. PP
    3. HIV/STD/STI/cancer testing/screening
  4. free barrier-based contraceptives in public schools
  5. regulating CPC
  6. breastfeeding/lactation accommodations (not restrooms)
  7. certified nurse midwives

We oppose:

  1. restricting access to medically necessary abortions
  2. zygotic/embryonic/fetal personhood
  3. restricting accessing abortions using TRAP laws/harassment
  4. forced sterilization, castration, genital mutilation including default circumcision
  5. [MINORITY REPORT TO REPLACE 477 WITH: “forced sterilization, castration, genital mutilation including infant circumcision”]
  6. Fetal Heartbeat bill
  7. conversion therapy
  8. parental consent/notification for contraceptives/abortion for minors


AAA - Area Agency on Aging
ALF – Assisted-Living Facilities
ASFA - Adoption and Safe Families Act
BASP - Before and After School Programs
CDC - Centers for Disease Control
CHIP - Children’s Health Insurance Program
CMHCs – Community Mental Health Centers
CPC - Crisis Pregnancy Centers
CSRA - Child Support Recovery Act
DHS - Department of Human Services
DPPA - Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act
EHR – Electronic Health Record
EMS – Emergency Medical Services
FDA – Food and Drug Administration
FSP - Family Support Programs
GHS – Global Health Services
HAWK-I - Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa
HCBS - Home and Community Based Services
HHS – Health and Human Services
HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HUD – Housing and Urban Development
IEMS - Iowa Emergency Medical Services
INCSL - Iowa Non-Covered Services Law
ISAA - Iowa Smoke-Free Air Act
LGBTQIA+ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Agender, and Community
LTC – Long-Term Care
LTCOP - Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
MC/MD - Medicare/Medicaid
MHI – Mental Health Institutions
MIMR – Mental Illness Mental Retardation
NCAR – National Child Abuse Registries
NIH – National Institutes of Health
NSF – National Science Foundation
OAA – Older Americans Act
PP - Planned Parenthood
SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
SNF – Skilled Nursing Facilities
SS - Social Security
STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease
STI - Sexually Transmitted Infection
TRAP - Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers
UCR – Usual and Customary Rates
VAWA – Violence Against Women’s Act
WIC – Women, Infants, and Children

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