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Collective Bargaining/Unions/Labor

We support:

  1. Fair-Share
  2. prosecuting unfair labor practices
  3. strengthening child labor laws
  4. restoring/strengthening Chapter 20 protections
  5. workers right to organize/join unions/strike
  6. PLAs/LPAs
  7. union apprenticeships and memberships
  8. use of unions for infrastructure jobs/WPAs
  9. EFCA
  10. government entities purchasing US union-made products
  11. Majority Sign-Up
  12. federal jobs program (WPA)

We oppose:

  1. recertification election requirements for public unions
  2. privatizing public-sector jobs
  3. right-to-work
  4. union-busting
  5. replacing laid-off/striking union workers


We support:

  1. unemployment benefits for all employees
  2. reauthorizing long-term unemployment benefits

We oppose:

  1. waiting for WC/UE benefits

Workers’ Compensation/Safety

We support:

  1. considering bidders’ safety records for government contracts
  2. increased staffing and funding OSHA/MSHA/NIOSH
  3. right to refuse unsafe work without retaliation
  4. greater employee/union participation in OSHA inspections
  5. workers’ rights to select their medical providers for workplace injuries
  6. restoring protections under Iowa Worker’s Compensation Law

Employment Practices

We support:

  1. whistleblower protections for employees
  2. equal pay for equal work
  3. FMLA
  4. FLSA
  5. removing barriers to proving employment discrimination
  6. responsible, integrated strategies for AI-related job loss to protect/retrain workers
  7. community-college based job training programs for displaced workers
  8. “living wage” replacing minimum wage
  9. [MINORITY REPORT TO REPLACE 133 WITH: “raising minimum wage to $15 per hour regularly indexed to COLA”]
  10. reducing executive and employee compensation inequity
  11. proportionate wages/benefits for part-time workers
  12. tipped workers receiving full minimum wage
  13. nonpunitive paid family/medical/parental leave
  14. paid vacation
  15. [MINORITY REPORT TO REPLACE 138 AND 139 WITH: “minimum three weeks paid vacation, nine month paid parental leave, sick leave, and health insurance”]
  16. local control of minimum wage raises

We oppose:

  1. employment-at-will doctrine
  2. unfair overtime practices
  3. social networking identification/password as condition of employment
  4. use of credit scores for employment decisions


We support:

  1. fully honored, secure, portable retirement
  2. fully funding/protecting IPERS/FED/MFPRSI/RRB/FELA
  3. maintaining IPERS as a defined benefit plan
  4. COLA for publicly funded retirement programs

Government Policy

We support:

  1. expanding Davis-Bacon Act to include publicly-funded projects
  2. defining responsible bidder for government contracts at the local level
  3. “Deal for All”
  4. net neutrality
  5. statewide broadband access
  6. Dodd-Frank
  7. 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act
  8. national universal basic income
  9. expansion of public mass-transit
  10. equitable/transparent trade agreements
  11. transparency/accountability of public funds granted to corporations

We oppose:

  1. renaming SS earned benefits as federal benefits
  2. deregulating industry
  3. fast-tracking trade agreements
  4. TPP


We support:

  1. eliminating SS wage cap
  2. taxing high-frequency trading
  3. more progressive tax structure
  4. estate tax beginning with $2.5 million estates
  5. increasing EITC/dependent exemptions
  6. property tax credits that benefit low-income/veterans/elderly/disabled people
  7. annual evaluation of tax credits

We oppose:

  1. tax breaks for companies outsourcing US jobs
  2. increasing taxes on credit unions
  3. off-shore tax shelters
  4. corporate tax evasion


We support:

  1. honoring full-pension benefits in the case of bankruptcy
  2. listing employees as first-in-line creditors

Business Practices

We support:

  1. expanding antitrust analysis to consider market structure, concentration, economic/political impact
  2. incentives creating/retaining US jobs
  3. capping annual interest rates on small consumer loans
  4. regulating financial speculation
  5. full disclosure of competing/conflicting interests in financial transactions
  6. breaking up “too-big-to-fail” banks
  7. regulatory capture
  8. protection against predatory lending
  9. minimum 90% US-manufactured content required for “Made in USA” products
  10. importer-financed quality inspections of all imports

We oppose:

  1. corporate welfare
  2. insurance credit scoring


AI – Artificial Intelligence
COLA – Cost of Living Adjustment
EFCA – Employee Free Choice Act
EITC – Earned Income Tax Credit
FED – Favorable Experience Dividend
FELA – Federal Employers Liability Act
FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act
FLSA – Fair Labor Standards Act
IPERS – Iowa Public Retirement System
LPA – Leased Purchase Agreement
MFPRSI – Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa
MSHA – Mine Safety and Health Administration
NIOSH – National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
NLRB – National Labor Relations Board
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PERB – Public Employees Relations Board
PLA – Project Labor Agreements
RRB – Railroad Retirement Benefits
SS – Social Security
TPA – Trade Promotion Authority
TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership
UE – Unemployment
WC – Workman’s Compensation
WPA – Works Progress Administration

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