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The Bylaws of the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP), Article I, Section 1, Paragraph B, says, “The Statement of Principles shall be a statement of abiding Democratic values and principles. This document is to be reviewed by the Platform committee for the purpose of making recommendations for additions and changes to reflect changes in the law, or to remove a statement achieved as Party goals.”

The State Platform Committee make the following recommendation to the Iowa Democratic Party.

  1. give the platform committee authority to submit whatever changes it wishes to make to the statement of principles in the platform report to the convention every two years; or
  2. remove the statement of principles from the platform report; or
  3. have the State Central Committee prepare the statement of principles for the States Convention, rather than having 99 county versions, and 4 district versions.

Under each of these three options, convention delegates would still have the ability to make any changes they wish to make to the statement of principles.

This would not be effective in 2018 but would apply in 2020.


We support the Democratic Party’s, Democratic Candidates’ and Democratic Elected Officials’ efforts and dedication, at all levels, in ensuring all aspects of events including but not limited to: the venue itself; candidate or Party fund-raisers; dinners or other large gatherings, such as, Hall of Fame and galas; Central Committee, convention planning meetings, business meetings (of all kinds at all levels); caucus, polling, and convention locations and processes; and, Party and campaign offices are accessible for all. Furthermore, we encourage and support all efforts to make this Party more inclusive by ensuring our Democratic Principles are upheld and the civil rights of all are respected.


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