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Agriculture for Productive Living and a Healthy Food Supply

We support:

  1. clean/safe drinking/bathing/recreational waters
  2. local/independent ownership of farms
  3. environmentally responsible/regenerative farming
  4. crop/livestock diversification
  5. [MINORITY REPORT TO ADD: “, including algae/aquaponics/companion and rotation”]
  6. expanding farm markets including local sustainable/organic
  7. protection/conservation of healthy soil

Sustainable Agriculture Policy

We support:

  1. increasing SNAP funding/benefits
  2. funding Leopold Center
  3. increasing CRP/CSP funding
  4. industrial hemp/cannabis
  5. capping crop insurance premium subsidies
  6. market-indexing USDA loan rates
  7. conservation compliance for federal subsidies
  8. anti-trust regulation of seed supply/food production/processing
  9. right-to-save seeds for personal use
  10. mandating cover crops/buffer strips on HEL
  11. repealing “Ag-Gag” bill
  12. defining CAFOs as commercial/industrial
  13. moratorium on CAFO construction/expansion until < 100 of Iowa's waterways are impaired
  14. no tillage/fertilizer application on soybean fields after harvest, unless seeded as cover-crops and buffer-strips by waterways
  15. farmer-owned grain reserves
  16. GMO seed-labeling
  17. legal protection from pesticide/herbicide/GMO seed drift/contamination
  18. public’s right-to-know permit compliance/TRI/chemical use
  19. replacing Master Matrix with environmental assessments improving soil/air/water quality
  20. odor-nuisance regulation/enforcement
  21. mandatory/monitored/enforced nitrogen/phosphorus reduction strategies
  22. reinstate FFPR

We oppose:

  1. vertically-integrated large-scale livestock production/corporate agriculture

Livestock Management

We support:

  1. local control of CAFO permitting/siting
  2. [MINORITY REPORT TO ADD: “taxing CAFOs at commercial rates”]
  3. responsible antibiotic use
  4. humane animal treatment

We oppose:

  1. unregulated/excessive hormone use

Food Supply and Safety

We support:

  1. strong safety/labeling requirements ensuring food safety, content/origin/processing location
  2. community/urban gardens, direct-to-consumer producers

Energy: Combating Climate Change with Responsible Production

We support:

  1. Paris Climate Accords
  2. fossil fuel/nuclear power conversion to clean/renewable energy
  3. electric-vehicle infrastructure
  4. higher CAFE standards
  5. “50-by-30” initiative
  6. energy conservation
  7. smart-grid improvement
  8. net-metering without discriminatory fees/taxes
  9. CPP
  10. safe transport/storage of nuclear/fracking waste
  11. regulating energy commodity speculation
  12. extending geothermal/biomass/wind/solar-energy subsidies
  13. carbon fees/consumer dividends
  14. banning fracking/fracking waste disposal in Iowa
  15. Clean Line
  16. IRPS/FIT

We oppose:

  1. fossil-fuel/nuclear power subsidies
  2. tar-sands/pet coke
  3. new coal power plants
  4. [MINORITY REPORT TO ADD: “nuclear power plants re-licensing/construction”]
  5. deep-water/arctic oil drilling
  6. oil drilling/lumbering/mining in national parks
  7. reclassifying national monuments as private property

Environment, Stewardship and Livability

We support:

  1. amending Iowa’s Constitution to provide environmental protections
  2. environmental protection/public-health over corporate profits
  3. reinstating Iowa’s Volunteer Water Testing Program
  4. reduction/reuse/universal curbside recycling
  5. municipal composting/recycling
  6. enforcing ESA/CAA/CWA regulations
  7. funding REAP/NRORTF
  8. funding IDNR above 2009 levels
  9. enacting IEQA
  10. banning neonicotinoids, restoring habitat to protect pollinator/bees
  11. bottle-bill expansion
  12. sequestering carbon
  13. reclaiming mercury/lead
  14. local control of sand-mining permitting/siting
  15. permanently protecting ANWR
  16. mending roads with recycled plastic
  17. innovative/inexpensive energy solutions
  18. non-toxic shot

We oppose:

  1. lead wheel-weights
  2. corporate polluters’ “grandfather” clauses
  3. environmental protection rollbacks

Restorative Wetland and Watershed Management

We support:

  1. returning waterways to healthy/swimmable/fishable conditions
  2. publicly owned/affordable clean water
  3. accessible IDNR well data/testing
  4. incentivizing sustainable technologies/integrated watershed management
  5. fully protecting/enforcing CWA including intermittent streams/wetlands
  6. reinstating President Obama’s enacted USDA-NRCS RUSLE3

Planning and Zoning for Environmentally Friendly Communities

We support:

  1. “Smart Growth”
  2. sustainable development
  3. livable/walkable neighborhoods
  4. preserving farmland/sensitive and unique natural areas
  5. LEED requirements for public buildings
  6. notification by county auditors to all landowners/residents within one mile before permitting CAFO construction/expansion
  7. local approval for fossil fuel pipelines
  8. community gardens

We oppose:

  1. subsidizing urban growth on farm and park lands
  2. eminent domain abuse
  3. annexation without binding votes of the targeted residents/property owners


“50 by 30“ – 50% clean energy by 2030
ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act
AFO – Animal Feed Operations
ANWR – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
CAA – Clean Air Act
CAFE – Corporate Automotive Fuel Economy
CAFO – Confined/Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation
Clean Line – electrical transmission lines to transport wind-generated energy from NW Iowa to Illinois
CPP – Clean Power Plan
CRP – Conservation Reserve Program
CSP – Conservation Services Program
CWA – Clean Water Act
EPA – Environmental Protection Act
ESA – Endangered Species Act
FFPR - Farmers Fair Practices Rules
FIT – Feed-In Tariffs
GMO – Genetically Modified Organism
HEL – Highly Erodible Land/Soils
IDNR – Iowa Department of Natural Resources
IEQA – Iowa Environmental Quality Act
IRPS – Iowa Renewable Portfolio Standards
IWILL – Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy (subsumed under NRORTF)
LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
NRORTF - Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund
NRCS – Natural Resources Conservation Service
REAP – Resource Enhancement and Protection
RUSLE3 — Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation Version Three
SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
TRI – Toxic Release Inventory Program/chemical use reports
USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

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